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Illuminata Mapúa: Blossoming Anew

Article by: Lea Ysabel Q. Evangelista and Alexandra Isabelle G. Delavin

Graphics by: Andrea Nicole R. Villasanta

Shaken by the events that transpired over the past year, many have lost track of their plans and some even found themselves completely derailed. But for Illuminata Mapúa, 2020 mishaps failed to soil their aspiration to sprout a more radiant organization.

Branching Out and Blooming

Last November 28, Illuminata Mapúa, an official visual arts organization from Mapúa University Makati, reemerged with a redesigned logo, redefined goals, and revamped constitution. Senior members planted the idea to relaunch the 11-year-old group, but the opportunity only germinated under current president Raya Shane Rabanal.

From being focused solely on photography, Illuminata has since branched out and covered other mediums of art such as graphic design, video production, and animation. Thus, helping hone the talents of every member in different artforms one-on-one lessons, as well as workshops in the latest software and trends, became part of the org’s mission as well.

Our vision is [to] become a well-distinguished organization [that] fosters creative ideas, learning, and servant leadership,” Rabanal shared.

The Illuminata Facebook page regularly holds Feature Fridays as a way to showcase the fruits of each member’s talents for every Mapúan to enjoy.

Apart from activities exclusive to fellows, Illuminata has also mobilized outreach programs for various causes – most recent of which involved giving out Noche Buena packages to Makati campus students to celebrate the Christmas spirit amidst the ongoing health crisis.

Remaining True to their Roots

At its core, Illuminata aspires for its members to establish camaraderie as they mature together in their respective artforms. Prior to the pandemic, the Makati-based collective offered photography and videography services for events held within the campus to allow members collaborate on actual fieldwork.

Even with the removal of this opportunity, the Illuminata creatives still managed to nurture a familial bond that the pandemic has failed to sever. “We don’t limit ourselves to just let them join with games and creative stuff,” the organization president mentioned. “We also encourage them to tell us different things such as school life ‘cause that is the essence of orgs.

She hopes that this culture and the org vision will still be at the root of the Illuminata branches that sprout outside Mapúa someday.

Covering More Ground

Illuminata intends to expand their horizon beyond the corners of the University by hosting more workshops, primarily about social media management and creating publication materials using graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. A YouTube account focused on content creation is also on the works.

Posting more content on social media, organizing a leadership seminar in collaboration with Every Nation Campus Mapúa – Makati, and more activities for members and other organizations are also included in the visual arts organization’s 2021 calendar. In the meantime, Cardinals can look forward to their posts on Facebook.

Speaking of which, Mapúans interested in being part of Illuminata’s new chapter can inquire through their Facebook page all year round. Rabanal encourages Cardinals to join the group for exclusive workshops, seminars, and a growth-oriented culture with like-minded people. “We really want to build friendships with people that are into the creative process and visual arts,” the organization president highlighted.

11 years since the org’s formation, Illuminata recently turned over a new leaf and is expanding its horizons. With healthy mores in place, it will only be a matter of time before Illuminata covers more ground and blossoms more than it ever has before.

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