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Mapúa CCESC opens CyberSecurity Academy

Sophia Catherine G. Reyes

With growing concerns over the looming threat of cybercrime since the pandemic pushed various sectors of society to move online, the Mapúa Center for Continuing Education and Special Competencies (CCESC) launched the CyberSecurity Academy last July 2020.

The CCESC started offering cybersecurity courses including CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, and CompTIA Security+ in 2019. Since then, they have continued working with cybersecurity industry leaders and practitioners towards the vision of establishing an academy, as well as providing education and initiating information campaigns about cybersecurity in the Philippines.

CCESC’s CyberSecurity Academy boasts a complete and extensive curriculum with courses covering the fundamentals of data and system security– which include threat intelligence, network security, digital forensic, configuration, and risk management, among others.

"Mapúa CCESC CyberSecurity Academy prepares the trainee for on demand career pathways and certifications.” Ms. Jemmabel M. Hernandez, CCESC’s Business Development Manager and the CyberSecurity Academy’s project head, said.

The cybersecurity courses are available in both Manila and Makati campuses. Everyone is welcome to enroll – from the laypeople wanting to gain working knowledge of essential IT security concepts, to students and professors seeking to expand their understanding of said topics. Enrollees may opt to tackle the 40 hours’ worth of materials in either five eight-hour class days or 10 four-hour sessions.

CCESC delivers the modules online with both synchronous and asynchronous activities. However, they can accommodate requests from corporate clients for onsite training if the social distancing guidelines and health and safety protocols are strictly followed.

Once the training courses are completed, enrollees can take various certification exams depending on their chosen specialization in cybersecurity or their niche in their respective organizations.

As for the fees, Mapúan students and alumni are offered lower rates to register compared to non-Mapúans. Those interested may contact Mapúa CCESC for further details and inquiries.

“With the partnership with Cisco, Huawei, CompTIA, [and] Nexusguard, there is an assurance of industry-standard curriculum, [wherein] laboratory activities, and even virtual laboratories shall be fully utilized,” Ms. Hernandez stated.

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