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Mapúa Tekno Teatro highlights social issues in 12th Dramafest

Sophia Catherine G. Reyes and Lea Ysabel Q. Evangelista

Last June 24 to 27, the Mapúa Tekno Teatro (MT2) showcased three different plays in the 12th installment of their Dramafest entitled "Pagkamulat". Bagong Buhay, Manong Bayad Po, and Boboman were the titles of the plays that highlighted different social issues happening in the society today.

The resident theatre troupe opened the three-day showcase at the AV1 of Mapúa University’s Makati campus on June 24 and was followed by performances at the AV2 of the school’s Intramuros Campus in the succeeding dates.

One of the performances featured, Bagong Buhay, was written by Haggeo Perez and directed by Brix Artan. The story revolves around two friends, Onat and Pula, meeting again after a while apart. Its theme focused on the extra-judicial killings rampant under the current administration.

Manong Bayad Po, written by Gardo Vicente and directed by Jecca Namujhe, is a play about three youngsters, Kurt, Chason, and Sam, locked up in an unknown precinct. The musical chronicle depicts a possible scenario for lowering the age of criminal liability and how it affected the lives of young dreamers.

Boboman, on the other hand, is a production written by Arianne Sotto and directed by JC Aurelio that exhibited the extensive criminality in modern-day Philippines. The production showed a peculiar set of characters waiting for their eponymous picturesque hero to save them at a jeepney hold-up in an unknown location.


This musical treat also bagged the most awards ⁠— Best Production, Best Script, Best Production Design, and Best Marketing ⁠— in a ceremony held on the last day of the annual showcase. During the awarding ceremony, Namujhe was hailed Best Director while Andrew Buan as Chason took home the Best Actor award. Their stage manager, Remy Jean Dela Cruz also won in her field.


This year’s Dramafest is fierce as its plays gave more emphasis on social injustices and toxic Filipino culture. "Dramafest 12 knows what it fights for," Arianne Sotto, MT2’s president emphasized.

After their successful event, Mapúa Tekno Teatro is now currently preparing for a new production that will be directed by the organization’s adviser, Mr. Dennis Marasigan.

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