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COO holds 7th Orgs’ Week

Article by: Crismhil S. Anselmo and Alexandra Isabelle G. Delavin

Graphics by: Albert Dylan S. David

With the theme “SQUID GAME: Survival Quest to Unwavering Ideals and Dreams,” the Mapúa Council of Organizations (COO) hosted its 7th Organizations’ Week through various online platforms last November 22 to 28, 2021. The week-long celebration aimed to promote camaraderie and showcase the skills of the University’s student organizations.

Recruiter’s Game

In her opening remarks, Mapúa COO Vice President for Operations Genesis Cruz highlighted that the organizations play a role in helping students realize their goals and strengths. “Each organization plays an integral part of each student’s success,” she stated. Furthermore, she encouraged students to participate in the activities during the week-long event. 

Through this year’s theme based on a famous South Korean survival drama series,   Cruz emphasized that as student officers lead organizations, being able to master the ability to dream is essential to great leadership. “Taking [one’s] ideals […] and turning them into reality is what leadership is all about. Successful leaders and organizations have dreams that are supported by their vision, mission, goals, and core values,” the COO Vice President said. 

The following day, the Association of Biological Engineers of Mapúa hosted a Pokémon Unite E-Tournament entitled “Survival of the Fittest”  from November 23 to 27  via Discord. Meanwhile, the COO held a spoken poetry contest entitled “EMOSYON: Voices Amidst Pandemic” where representatives from the University’s student organizations submitted videos of their original compositions and were premiered via Facebook Live. 

Last November 24, the Info-Systems Next-Gen (ISNG) hosted Squad Feud, a Family Feud-style contest via Zoom. On the same day, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers - MU Student Chapter (SME -MUC) conducted a webinar about the manufacturing engineering industry in the Philippines via MS Teams and Facebook Live.  

Furthermore, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers - Mapúa University Student Branch (ASHRAE-MUSB) held a six-level Squid Game-inspired Escape Room where players competed to be the last man standing in the Zoom room.  

After which, the Mapúa COO held a Squid Game: Mini Game Series which consisted of a four-game survival challenge via Zoom. The MU Student Catholic Action also hosted a webinar entitled “A Hundred-Foot Journey” with guest speakers Engr. Angeline Patricia Fae Aben, Engr. Bryan Angelo Cruz, and Mr. Joaquin Illustre who talked about the challenges and lessons of the Mapúan  student life.  

On the fourth day of the Orgs’ Week, the Mapúa COO held the annual Orgs’ Got Talent wherein organizational representatives showcased their talents and skills. Also, the Institute of Electronic Engineers of the Philippines - MU Student Chapter (IECEP-MUSC) held a workshop entitled “DOPAMIND: The Marvel of Positive Thinking,” which focused on how to learn more effectively.

To discuss how following one’s passion can pave the way to a successful profession, the MU Sports Enthusiasts Organization (MUSEO) hosted a webinar entitled “Strive to Thrive” with Mapúan student leaders Teresa Katrina Canon and Antoinnette  R. Acosta as the guest speakers via Facebook Live.

Within the same day, several organizations hosted various esports tournaments. The Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines Student Edition (ICpEP.SE) conducted an e-tournament through the first-person multiplayer game Crab Game. Meanwhile, ASHRAE-MUSB held its Mobile Legends: Squid Game competition through Zoom. Whereas, the Honor Society of Mapúa (HSM) held its Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) Tournament and the Mathematical Society of Mapúa (MSM) hosted a Valorant tournament  from November 25 to 27.

Red Light, Green Light

The following day, the Mapúa COO held its annual Content Wars, a short filmmaking competition with entries from the students following the theme “Back to the Future: What Happens Tomorrow?” . 

Meanwhile, the Chemistry Society of Mapúa (ChemSoc) conducted a webinar entitled “Transition State: Activating the Energy Yielding to the Final State” where Engr. Raymond Manibo  and Levent Bless Aquino, RCh  talked about the field of Chemistry and licensure exam preparations. The International Construction Project Management Association - Mapúa University Student Chapter (ICPMA) also held a webinar  on writing a thesis paper with tips from guest speakers Mapúa alumni Raphaela Lois Ejera and. Prince Kitch Sabio via Zoom and Facebook Live. Lastly, the Mapúa Psychological Society organized “Bondfire: The Tug of War” an event which aimed to provide a space for meeting new peers through Zoom. 

Last November 27, the Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers - MU Student Chapter (PICE-MUSC) conducted a webinar with guest speakers Engr. Victor Joseph M. Villafuerte, and Engr. Perfecto B. Padilla Jr. who shared calculator techniques and tips that can be used during licensure examinations. Furthermore, the ICpEP.SE hosted the “Sneak Peak of an AI-Integrated Earth,” a web-based conference with Mr. Rafael Jonathan Lim as the resourced speaker. 

Moreover, Every Nation Campus held an event wherein students discussed adapting to transitions while having hope for the current season and the future. Later that day, the Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers (PICHE-MUSC) hosted a singing bee competition while the Mapúa Gaming Society (MGS) organized a mini-event entitled “MLBB 1v1 Roulette”.

On the last day of Orgs’ Week, the Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapúa hosted the first episode of their annual webinar series entitled “The Sinking Pearl of the Orient Seas: Rising Coastal Sea Levels, Impacts, and Adaptation ”   which tackled the country's coastal levels and their impacts on the environment and society with Dr. Rosalie B. Reyes and Dr. Fernando P. Siringan as the resource speakers. 

Final Round 

Last November 28, the Mapúa COO hosted the Awards Night wherein the student organizations, event partners, and participants who made the week-long event possible were acknowledged. 

During the awarding ceremony, MU Senior High School - Science Club and HSM were awarded the Most Supportive Organization Award.  HSM was also a recipient of the Most Active Organization alongside the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc. - MU Student Branch  and the SME-MUC. Moreover, the winners of the competitions held throughout the week were recognized. 

The following is the list of recipients for the other awards: 

Pokemon Unite Tournament

Champion: Team Tyler

EMOSYON: Voices Amidst Pandemic, A Spoken Poetry Contest

1st Place: Sarah Faith A. Gimeno (MSM)
2nd Place: Kriszel C. Laranang (HSM)
3rd Place: Aicee Julliane I. Aspuria (ChemSoc)

Squad Feud 

Champion: Team PF Rosalia 
1st Runner Up: Team FF 

Squid Game: Mini Game Series 

Champion: Maria Janina Victoria Sioson  (SME)
1st Runner Up: Rafael Enrico Quizon (JPCS)
2nd Runner Up: Andrea Julianne Mariano 

ICpEP.SE Mapúa - Crab Game 


MGS MLBB 1v1 Roulette

Champion: John Alfred Aquino
1st Runner Up: Earnold Alleson Feir 

MSM Valorant Tournament

2nd Runner Up: Based Pepegas Gaming

HSM MLBB Tournament

Champion: Akatsuki
1st Runner Up: DnK

Content Wars

Champion: PANGAKO by  Mark Salvador, Geralyn Glinoga, and Angeli Barreto (ENC)
1st Runner Up: HUKOM by Daniel Derecho (HSM)
2nd Runner Up: ESPERANZA by Allyssa Kimberly Gabion (IEEE-MUSB)

PIChE-MUSC Singing Bee

Champion: Sean Zeigrid Raton
1st Runner Up: Julianne Clarise Tandayu
2nd Runner Up: Jazzlei Nyah Butac

Orgs' Got Talent 2021 

Champion: Mon Timothy Isaac Carcellar (JPCS)
1st Runner Up: Kirsty Mary Camba (AGGEM)
2nd Runner Up: Gian Miguel Ganzon (ENC)

Capping off the list of events, COO President Ericka Bobis shared that the Orgs’ Week aided in promoting how organizations can act as a family that the Mapúan community can rely on, not just in academics, but also in achieving personal growth. She added that forming connections was the primary goal of the event. 

With that, the COO President encouraged the students to join an organization to not miss out on the real college life experience. “Organizations in Mapúa are the family that you will always go back to even after graduating. Organizations will bring you out of your comfort zone, and that's where you grow as a person,” Bobis remarked.

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