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By: MTStargazer

Learn to Love me

As we celebrate all women during this year’s Women’s Month, we hope to empower our girlbosses and spotlight extraordinary female heroes who have achieved so much.

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By: The Gay Prophet

The Divine Feminine

Women have been often undermined as the patriarchy fears their full potential. After all, what better way to shatter the fragile male ego than with the grit, nerve, and determination of powerful women?


By: Lazy Scotch

Dear Amelia

Who said women were not as capable as men? Throughout history, many powerful female figures have defied the norms that society has imposed upon them.

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By: Alyanna Ysabelle A. Faustino

Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary: A Journey to the Stars

Behind man’s greatest historical achievements are women. Just as great and just as historical, the stories of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson rose to fame when they were finally featured in a documentary about the space race.


By: Thunder

My Answer

Throughout history, the nurturing woman has always been expected to abandon her dreams for love and family. Shooing her away from a world of briefcases and paperwork, she is told to drown herself in milk bottles and frying pans instead.


By: Seraph Solana

Like A Girl

Up until recently, the term “like a girl” implies weakness or naivety. Thankfully, the world is slowly realizing that being a female is not a flaw.


By: Alpha

Alamat ng Makahiya

According to a report by the World Health Organization in 2021, one in three women has been subjected to physical and/or sexual intimate partner abuse, non-partner sexual assault, or even both at least once in their lives.

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By: Nozomi

Free Spirit

Fear had never done anyone any good. In a world where women have only been taught fear, it can be difficult to set their spirits free.


By: Enirias

Babae Ako, Walang "Lang" at Walang "Pero"

The stereotypical role of women in society is ever changing. As the image of a successful woman differs from generation to generation, country to country, and person to person, the picture of an “ideal lady” continues to confuse impressionable young girls and pressures them to follow a path they do not want to follow.


By: Luna


As they say, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. However, this can be difficult to believe when girls are shoved with unrealistic standards in the media.


By: The Misanthrope

To My Little Angel

The love of a mother is unwavering. From womb to birth and to its eventual growth, the caring woman always tries her best to cultivate a safe and comforting environment for her child to grow up in.

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