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#HerStory | Free Spirit

Literary Art by: Cassius Klai C. Francisco

Free Spirit

By: Nozomi

Where am I, what am I doing,

In a view so vast, yet empty?

A cold reason for I am shivering,

Is an uneasy feeling that seeped through me.

A shriveled figure stands in darkness,

Cold, frightened, dismal, hopeless.

What rubbed her so heartless,

That probably removed the innocence?

Why am I here to witness,

Such a tragic horror encounter?

Is it because I need to open my eyes,

To contemporary issues, I wonder?

Lights, camera, action! I heard,

What am I watching right now?

A scene so relevant, yet absurd,

Pain and sorrow I cannot allow.

What's worse to me is in foreground,

Play, pause, rewind, repeat.

A scenery right to evil-bound,

I cannot stay calm in this seat.

Her fears are slowly engulfing her:

Depression, insecurity, and consternation.

The world she once fantasized is imposed by blur,

Shackled by scars of cruelty in dire fashion.

Being succumbed to life's bitterness,

She slowly collapses from within.

But a change of heart; a great success,

That the only way out is to win.

She is now deprived of fear,

A new life ready to confront.

She has nothing to hide, I truly admire,

A free spirit erased of a mindset that is blunt.

A life-defying thing to remember,

That I'll always put into heart and mind.

Genders to equalize and women to empower,

The future is still bright for womankind.

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