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MU DOST Scholars’ Association: Savants of STEM

In talks of innovation, the name Mapúa University (MU) does not falter. MU is one of the country’s leading universities in science and techn


Sapphic Valentine: WLW on the Big Screens

The liberation and acceptance of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ+) community is a work in progress. Throughout the


Monsters University: Mapúans under the Halloween shadow

Known for their brightness and brilliance, Mapúans are no stranger to bathing in the spotlight. Come the Halloween season, all-around conten


From The Archives: Cardinal Stories from the Martial Law

American philosopher George Santayana once said: “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Over 51 years since the s


Usbong Kalikasan: The Dream to be Green

Environmental activism is fast gaining momentum among the youth — the enabling force that can make a difference in fostering lasting changes


Doing the Impossible: Embracing healthier sleeping habits

Mapúans pride themselves on doing the impossible. Keeping up with the notorious quarterm system, burning the midnight oil, pulling all-night


Merriment in Metro Manila

Being able to wander in the sparkle of Christmas under the new normal does not mean an empty wallet. There are destinations that provide exp


Remembering Martial Law

50 years ago, the late former President and dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, Sr. signed Proclamation No. 1081, marking the beginning of martial


Bekimon: Language of the Gays

June, hailed as Pride Month, is a period when the LGBTQ+ community gathers as one in their eccentric costumes and colors to celebrate the fr


The Beauty of Pinoy Drag

For many years, the portrayal of queer folk in media has widely been reserved for mere entertainment. Thanks to the recent phenomenon that i


Behind the Curtain: Mapúa Tekno Teatro

Throughout the centuries, art has cemented its significance in society. As a vessel for self-expression and a means to unleash creativity, i


By Mapúans, For Mapúans: Shaping leaders through AYSLS

Leaders create more leaders. Through the first-ever Alfonso Yuchengco Student Leaders’ Summit (AYSLS) that will be held on February 21 and 2

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