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#HerStory | The Divine Feminine

Literary Art by: Aliza Belle C. Dayao

The Divine Feminine

By: The Gay Prophet

Look back through the chronicles of time

And know that blinding ignorance does mislead us.

O! Wretched mortals, open your eyes

To the reality of all these patriarchal lies!

As Leonardo Da Vinci stroked his brush

With his crafty hand, many were gushed –

especially the Church and the God.

Little did they know,

The holy paintings will turn them aghast.

This is my body given to you.

This is the new covenant in my blood,

Which is poured out for you.

The Last Supper,

Drawn by the craftsman so clever,

Portrayed the Lord thanking His 12 male apostles

With a bread and a cup of wine came from His own

And relayed hidden messages of the Divine Feminine

…For Saint John was never there

And Mary Magdalene was the Holy Grail.

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