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#HerStory | Dear Amelia

Literary Art by: Albert Dylan D. David

Dear Amelia

By: Lazy Scotch

Fly on dear navigator,

Your history pioneered many successful women,

I only ask to lay your spirit down,

And take pride in the unity of women right now,

No man can keep you from the skies,

An inexhaustible spirit;

In the body of a little girl,

Perhaps you died to share the rest of it,

What’s the smell of the Atlantic,

How does it feel to touch the clouds,

What do you think of your Odyssey,

Does fear make any sense to you at all?

Your disappearance ever since,

Bore greed to people wishing to talk to you,

The Bard would even scar his sight,

To see the stories in your eyes,

Thank you Amelia, Truly;

For giving hope in this generation,

What things men does can be done,

As well;

By women,

Thank you….

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