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#HerStory | Her

Literary Art by: Andreah Faye G. Lapinid


By: Luna

As her eyes roam around the museum,

One particular painting catches her attention

She runs her hands up the canvas

With a portrait painted a year before.

As she stares at the art in front of her,

She notices a shade of brown over red

Painted over to conceal the lines

Much like her, it was once deceived

By the voices of society screaming it wasn’t beautiful.

Still she imagines, the canvas looked just as good

As it was with red.

As her eyes continue to study the art,

She notices the lumps rejected by society

And along them are the love handles sticking out.

Yet unlike the red ones, they weren’t hidden

As the artist finally realized they were just touches of beauty.

As memories wash over her,

She sighs with relief,

The girl in the painting was her life before.

But now she knows that the flaws were her wonders

That she learned to embrace.

Finally, her heart’s in the right place

Beaming with confidence,

She no longer craves an hour-glass figure

Nor the approval of men and society

As her beauty has always been woven in her soul.

Born a woman,

She has always been a work of art,

Her belly does not have to flatten

Nor does she have to cover up her marks.

Now a masterpiece,

She is filled with acceptance

Because above all else,

She finally loves herself the most.

Always, in all ways

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