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#HerStory | Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary: A Journey to the Stars

Literary Art by: Ma. Alyssa Therese S. Manalang

Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary: A Journey to the Stars

By: Alyanna Ysabelle A. Faustino

At milepost in the majestic pillars of space

Where the brightest minds sunder in dichotomy

Some perched on pedestals, not a hair out of place

Colored computers, merely specks off history.

In the vast, steep, legendary mount of prestige

Lie shadowed hate, prejudice, inferiority

Extraordinary in wit, respect umbrage

To the west they go, away from majority.

Katherine was more than a mathematician

But a limitless dreamer whose courage defied

Grace unmatched, wisdom pioneered—a true Starman

In the starry skies embracing the moon, she fled.

Changing what she could, enduring what she couldn’t

Dorothy was a steadfast leader beyond codes

Advocating fairness, a voice for those who can’t

Witness to a language that inspired in spades.

No choice, only to cascade as a trailblazer

A zealous engineer embarked on a hushed voyage

Mary envisioned this spectacle of wonder

Where opportunity transforms a blurry image.

A serene beauty lies in depths beyond, unknown

Inundate with the mysteries of looking up

In the race to space, a milestone right there to own

Women stood firm, intelligent, with heads held up.

The persistent injustice of color, sex, race

Blinded the world from remarkable hidden figures

Who blazed the trail, empowered, and took us to space

Aligning the stars toward the stunning future.

Heroes are Katherine, Dorothy, and Mary

A powerful story not about one, two, or three

For in poised insurgence falls the patriarchy

And from the barriers, the feminine is set free.

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