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By: 25 AM

Graphics by: Cassius Klai C. Francisco

Photo by: Aliza Belle C. Dayao

There’s something in my veins

Deemed the mark of the profane

A blood-branded impure

Made self-repressing and ashamed

Instilled within me and snarling,

I strengthen my own cage

Historied with disdain

And derision from bared fangs

A path marked with bloodshed

Us, citizens of the plain

Sometimes it’s within me, echoing their prayers

Blue and bruised or blushing

My blood is there all the same

I can’t help but want

How can this longing be my bane?

My Achillean heel

Tenth Muse, give me strength

It is a blood that is mine

And I can’t deny it coursing

Desire like those before me

Destiny’s binding will

This is the way I was made

Blood thick and true

I can’t deny the way I was made

A hushed voice learns to speak

This shame will have an end

And the heart shall have free rein

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