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Mapúa RC launches Cardinal Conversations

By: Reine Amabel J. Jaruda

Venturing into the platform of podcasts, the Mapúa Radio Cardinal (RC) launched Cardinal Conversations with the help of the University’s Corporate Communications Office via Spotify last August 22, 2020.

The said podcast, hosted by RC jocks, is an avenue for the organization to provide informative and entertaining lessons to Mapúans.

Aiming to provide students a source of lessons applicable inside and out of college life, Cardinal Conversations is also a way for the jocks to talk about topics that are without the time-restricted structure of their usual radio segments. Topics in the podcast are generally diverse, ranging from college stories to life skills.

Arvin Xavier Ladignon, one of the producers for Cardinal Conversations, shared about the podcast’s goal and purpose. “We want to give our listeners the chance to learn something while enjoying deep conversations between people,” he said.

“We also wanted to connect to them by talking about real-world problems and scenarios that we hope could be beneficial for them in the future,” the producer added.

Although the podcast has just been launched recently, Ladignon believes that it could become a permanent venture – with proposals for the second season already in the works. Upcoming episodes from the podcast will be about mental health amidst the pandemic, financial independence, social responsibility, and surviving one’s twenties.

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