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More than the work, more than the COVID spread


Service, Sacrifice, and selfless love. Such words best describe what the people in the frontlines have been doing and showing in order to battle the 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) from all parts of the globe. But more than putting into words what their actions have been, it’s never not best to be more grateful and be appreciative of today’s unsung heroes’ valor in what we never imagined to be a global health concern.

Some people use toxic positivity to defend these instances of leadership incompetence and lack of substantial readiness. They argue that Filipinos are strong and can always bounce back with a smile immediately. On the contrary, all this unpreparedness leading to tragic events while in the middle of a global health crisis is too much for anyone to handle, even for the proudly “resilient” Pinoys. The bitter truth is that words of encouragement cannot fill an empty stomach, rebuild a source of income from the ground up, or revive a lost loved one. Resilience does not make any concrete and progressive difference.

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