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MU, MCM SCs forge alliance in Google Meet

Written by: Lea Ysabel Q. Evangelista

Five members from Mapúa University Central Student Council (MU-CSC) and eight from Malayan Colleges Mindanao - College of Engineering and Architecture’s Student Council (MCM-CEASO) gathered for the first time through Google Meet to develop relations between the two Mapúa schools last June 27. 

MU-CSC President Gerardo Jose Catangui reached out to MCM-CEASO beforehand, after which the organization president Lance Soriano informed the former that MCM has yet to institute a supreme student council of its own.

After introductions in Google Meet, Catangui raised the platform to forge an alliance among the student councils of all Mapúa schools. The MU-CSC president has also been in contact with the Malayan Colleges Laguna Supreme Student Council (MCL-SSC) for the realization of this vision. Soriano hopes that achieving this goal will expand the influence of students beyond campus borders. 

In line with establishing a more unified student representation, the MU-CSC has extended aid to MCM in establishing a supreme student council of its own. However, this will have to wait until the end of the pandemic, according to Soriano.

Despite both presidents nearing the end of their tenures, they look forward to the future of this newfound alliance. “The thought of it still inspires me to work for its future,” Soriano shared. 

We are stronger when we are together,” Catangui remarked. 

The two student councils plan to have leadership trainings after the pandemic, along with more collaborative events in the future. 

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