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On Love and Liberty | Alternate Universe 

Photo by: Keith Marie R. Dela Cruz

Graphics by: Andrea Nicole R. Villasanta

Alternate Universe 

By: Alexandra Isabelle G. Delavin


In another life,

She’ll sweep her off her feet to dance under the rain,

With no one telling them that being together 

Is a sin against humanity

Nor will it be seen as an act of rebellion against the Holy.


As she stares in her lover’s eyes

She sees the depth of the ocean and can’t help but stare

How can someone be so beautiful yet so oblivious

With how she makes her heart skip a beat and make her feel the woman that she is

In a way that no man can ever do.


In another time,

He’ll confess his love for him without the fear of defying the norms.

As he reaches for his hand, he holds the universe in his arms

And his mind starts to wonder: will he ever know?

His love is no potion yet he’s drawn to his warmth.


Through him, he discovers

That to love is not limited to the sunny days or chirping birds

But to love is to be brave through crests and troughs

Like the hurricane that does not run from the rain, 

His love is here to stay no matter what society has to say.

In this lifetime,

Only they can hope.


Freedom is not a privilege but a right, yet nothing about it was ever easy.

And if the sun does not ask the moon to slow down and let it catch up,

Yet loves the moon enough to die and let her breathe,

Then society has no right to say who a person should love

Nor should it take away the freedom to choose. 

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