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Orgs acknowledged in COO’s OHANA

Lea Ysabel Q. Evangelista

Photo by: Loven Garcia

Mapúa University’s Council of Organizations (COO) held the Orgs’ Night of Excellence 2019 entitled OHANA: Occasion of Honor, Acknowledgement and Never-ending Appreciation. They commemorated the accomplishments of the organizations last October 4 at the gymnasium.

Office of Student Affairs director Prof. Dante Sauquillo opened the ceremony as he talked about the essence of being part of an organization. “After some time, we learned to love the organization [we’re in]. In the end, it is the organization that keeps us together,” Sauquillo recounted. He also mentioned that part of a student’s enjoyment in the University is the organization and the orgmates they build bonds with.

The program kicked off as COO president Emmanuel Luis D. Villanueva presented the new organizations: Mapúa Gaming Consensus (MGC), and Info Systems Next Gen from the Makati Campus; and Ultima Musika Mapúa (UMM) from the Intramuros Campus. 


The Honor Society of Mapúa collected the most awards for the night; copping the Center for Student Advising Service Award for Top Performing Organization, Outstanding Academic Organization, and the Most Supportive Organization. 

Listed below are the Status for Review organizations as mentioned by the highest student org body last Friday:

  • Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)- Mapúa University Collegiate Chapter

  • United Nations Youth Association of the Philippines - Mapúa University Chapter - Intramuros (UNYAP-Intramuros)

  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers - Mapúa Student Section (ASME)

  • SHS-ICT Club

  • Mapúa Cardinal Eye (MCE)

  • Rotaract Club of Mapúa University

  • Christian Brotherhood International (CBI)

  • Design and Deconstruct (D2)

  • Film Arts and Media Enthusiasts (FAME)

  • Mapúa Gaming Society (MGS)

  • SHS-English Club

  • Mathematical Society of Mapúa (MSM)

  • Architectural Heritage Student Society (ArchiSoc).

COO then accorded the following organizations probationary status:

  • NEXUS Cardinals

  • Association of Biological Engineers of Mapúa (BIOLOGIC)

  • Mapúa Industrial Design Society (MInDS)

  • CEGE Technological Improvement for New and Keen Engineering Students (CEGE THINKERS)

  • SHS-Science Club

  • Mapúa Judo Club (MJC)

  • SHS-Samahan ng Filipino

  • Physics Society of Mapúa (PSM)

  • Production and Operations Management Association of the Philippines – Mapúa Chapter (PROMAP)

  • Mapúa Engineering Management Organization (MEMO)

  • Every Nation Campus (ENC)

  • Mapúa Integrated Computer Organization (MICrO)

  • Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapúa (AGGEM)

  • SHS-Photography Club

  • United Architects of the Philippines Student Auxiliary – Mapúa (UAPSA)

  • Philippine Society of Mechanical Engineers – Mapúa University Student Unit (PSME-MUSU)

  • Chemistry Society of Mapúa (ChemSoc)

  • SHS-Mathematics Club

  • Mapúa University Mountaineering Club (MUMC)

  • Mapúa Campus Crusade for Christ (CCC)

  • Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers – Mapúa Student Chapter (PIIE)

  • Society of Manufacturing Engineers – Mapúa Chapter (SME)


11 organizations, 10 from Intramuros and one from Makati, were accorded recognized status during the night.

  • Mapúa Tabletop Gamers (MTG, Makati)

  • Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers- Mapúa Student Chapter (PIChE-MSC)

  • Graphics Club (G-CLUB)

  • Junior Philippine Computer Society- Mapúa (JPCS)

  • International Construction Project Management Association- Mapúa Student Chapter (ICPMA)

  • Materials Engineering Society (MatES)

  • Institute of Integrated Electrical Engineers- Mapúa University Student Chapter (IIEE-MUSC)

  • American Concrete Institute Philippines - Mapúa Student Chapter (ACIP-MSC)

  • Mapúa Institute of Technology Student Catholic Action (MITSCA)

  • Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines - Mapúa University Student Chapter (IECEP-MUSC)

  • Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-MU Student Branch (IEEE-MUSB)


In the penultimate portion of the program, the COO named the following accredited organizations:

  • .MOVE

  • Philippine Society of Sanity Engineers - Mapúa University Student Chapter (PSSE-MUSC)

  • American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE)

  • Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines Students Edition- Mapúa Chapter (ICpEP.SE)

  • Association of Safety Practitioners of the Philippines Incorporated - Mapúa Student Chapter (ASPPI)

  • Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies- Transportation Science Society of the Philippines - Mapúa Student Chapter (EASTS-TSSP)

  • Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers - Mapúa University Student Chapter (PICE)

  • Honor Society of Mapúa (HSM)


Other special awards were also distributed during the night. The Best New Student Organization award was bestowed to ASPPI-MSC, Best Organization Activity to IEEE-MUSB and the Most Improved Organization was awarded to ASHRAE.


In Intramuros, EASTS-TSSP (3rd), PICE (2nd), and HSM (1st) were named the top three organizations, whereas Makati’s top 3 are the WebMasters Guild of Mapúa (WMG, 3rd), Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants - Mapúa Chapter (JPIA, 2nd), and Chief Entrepreneurs’ Organization (CEO, 1st),  with the last also being named the most active organization in their campus. 


Villanueva once again graced the stage for his finals words as the council’s president. “What we would expect is more enthusiasm from the organizations looking forward for the next school year,” he remarked.

Prof. Edward Quinto, the COO adviser, also expressed his appreciation for the council, saying, “The organizations are the COO. We are always extremely grateful from the organizations who are actively making events for the students this year.” He also mentioned how they are hardly recognized for their work and so he introduced the COO Officers for the last time.

Editor’s Note: This article will be updated once the full list is released by the COO. The current one reflects the statuses of organizations as of the time of awarding last October 4, 2019.

With additional reporting from Sean Paolo Canapi.

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