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Peeling the Sweats Away

By: Arc Romero

Graphics by: Albert Dylan D. David

Photo by: Chloie Ysabelle T. Magno

After a long, tiring day full of mixed emotions, 

And the battles that tested all your beliefs and devotions, 

Congratulations! For reaching where you are, 

Just know that I am proud of you for making it this far. 

As the twilight’s orange glow begins to descend, 

A gentle nudge for the wounds you suffer is starting to mend,

Let the healing light of the glorious setting sun,

Serve as the end of all the battles that you’ve won and survived.  

Like the orange that we peel to see the beauty buried deep, 

Peel away the problems and all the worries that you keep, 

Each layer that you shed is a step towards finding peace,

In the quiet voice of the night, let your worries and uncertainty cease.

Rest your mind, let the peace within unfold,

Left all the day’s hardships behind and let your spirit be bold,

In the calm evening’s tender embrace,

Feel the warmth of healing to find your inner grace.

As the sun sets and darkness starts to fall,

Let the worries of the day fade away, once and for all,

This shall remind you that to heal is not just to rest and let time be magic, 

It is also about peeling away the experiences that were very tragic.

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