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School of EECE celebrates CpE Week 2019

Article by: Lea Ysabel Q. Evangelista and Kristin Clarisse H. Mateo

Photo courtesy of Mapúa-ICpEP.SE

Last June 3 to 7, the School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering (EECE), in collaboration with the Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines Student Edition-Mapúa (ICpEP.SE-Mapúa), organized this year’s Computer Engineering (CpE) Week.

The said event featured several technical seminars, competitions, and workshops hosted by four EECE organizations including ICpEP.SE-Mapúa, Mapúa Integrated Computer Organization (MICRO), Junior Philippine Computer Society (JPCS), and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers-Mapúa University Student Branch (IEEE-MUSB).

ICpEP.SE-Mapúa's former secretary Pamela R. Ramos expressed her gratitude to the participants of their activities. She affirmed that the CpE week promoted the skills and knowledge of the students from the EECE Department.


Furthermore, she stated that “the [CpE] week celebration is given to students to be proud of being a computer engineering student and to fully continue their path in accomplishing certain challenges as a Mapúan student.

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