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SMS launches Cardinal Online Channel

Lea Ysabel Q. Evangelista and Sophia Catherine G. Reyes

Last September 12, Mapúa University’s School of Media Studies (SMS) launched the pilot episode of the Cardinal Online Channel (COC) — a news, information, and entertainment channel broadcasted on the official Facebook page of SMS.

COC currently has five segments on its lineup, namely: Student Focus, FYI, Cardinal News Today, I am Mapúan, and Explore, Discover, Learn.

Student Focus aims to impart tips and advice on surviving campus life through a talk show with guests from different fields. Meanwhile, FYI serves as an information hub for programs being offered by the University and possible career opportunities, as well as featuring notable professionals.

Cardinal News Today focuses on the latest news within the University and special announcements. I am Mapúan showcases professional Mapúans, their achievements, and contributions to society in a talk show as a means of inspiring students. Lastly, Explore, Discover, Learn discusses to the audience how the digital world works, with a guest from the media industry helping out in each episode.

According to Dr. Melvin N. Espineda, one of the channel’s producers, the idea was to create a platform for Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Media (BM) students to refine the skills that they’ve learned from their courses. “The main goal of COC is to really depict the skills of the Broadcast Media students in programming, scriptwriting and producing programs,” he said.

"COC stands as the laboratory of the BM students. And since that we have had online classes, the World Wide Web has been maximized to showcase what the Broadcast Media students were capable of,” Dr. Espineda added.

The said producer also mentioned that the idea of creating COC started out as a casual talk topic between him and SMS Dean Benigno B. Agapito, Jr. Both of them later worked together to finally conceptualize the idea and co-produce the program.

The COC staff is comprised of Dean Agapito and Dr. Espineda as channel producers; the Broadcast Media students as program producers, writers, and hosts; and the members of the Film Arts and Media Enthusiasts (FAME), an SMS organization, as their technical arm.

At the height of the pandemic and already a week delayed, preparations for the first episode were rigid for the group as the main line of communication was limited. Scripts, edits, consultations, and interviews were conducted fully online. Regardless, Dr. Espineda emphasized that because of the talents and skills of the Broadcast Media students, they were able to air the pilot episode last September.

While initially intended to serve as an avenue for media students to show their works and accomplishments, Dr. Espineda shared their plans on making the COC a regular program.

"As of this moment, the initial plan was to just make this as an avenue for the broadcast Media to show their output, but if we go back to the regular face to face classes, we are planning to have a regular programming,” he stated.

After its premiere last September, the second episode of COC is scheduled to be aired this November.

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