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Sun and Solace

By: The Millwright

Graphics by: Ma. Alyssa Therese S. Manalang

Photos by: Mary Lesley A. Beriña

Solace is mine when I bask in the sunlight.

Beads of sweat dripping so gloriously

amidst the warmth of the sun's might,

I remember your face so vividly.

Your thin almond eyes and umber irises

are a magnificent labyrinthine sight to see.

If one ever dares to look you there,

they will get lost instantly.

The sun, when it bathes you in its rays,

frames your perfection so perfectly.

I have hated the warmth of sunny days

but you made me love it so easily.

Solace is mine since I broke from the night;

darkness used to belong to me.

But darling, you glow so brilliantly bright.

Darkness couldn't get a hold of me.

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