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Uncharted Waters

By: nine

Graphics by: Ma. Alyssa Therese S. Manalang

Photo by: Blaise Paulhene O. Rellata

There are subtle changes I have noticed since the day we met. My mind hasn’t shut up from the moment you showed interest in my thoughts. My mind is as though a trench has depths only I can reach. As I dive into its darkness, there comes a realization that the extent I let people delve into is the shallow end–the shoreline, if you will.

The sandbar of my mind is all there is to some, as there is a steep slope between the surface and the deep waters of my thoughts. I ramble, not knowing how long this can go. I do not know how it goes–how one is willing to dive into it. How willing one is to explore the intricacies that come with the chambers that is myself.

Yet my mind hasn’t shut up about you, as if the waves are calling out to you. Whether you respond or not is out of my threshold, but there is a certainty in the act of me wanting to take a dip into your ocean. More so, it would be a privilege to know you in depths only I can reach.



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