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SMS SC to hold Liga-YA ng Hiraya: Valorant Tournament 2022

Article by: Alexandra Isabelle G. Delavin and Alyanna Ysabelle A. Faustino
Graphics by: Aliza Belle C. Dayao

With the theme “Liga-YA ng Hiraya,” the School of Media Studies (SMS) Student Council (SC) will kickstart the month of June by hosting its first Valorant Tournament. The first two rounds will be held off-stream from June 3 to 5 and from June 10 to 12, while the semi-finals and finals will take place from June 18 to 19 and 26, respectively, via Facebook Live.

“Liga-YA ng Hiraya is inspired by the ‘ka-barangay’ spirit, and is built around the wordplays of ‘liga,’ which is commonly used as [the namesake of] barangay sports events […], and ‘ligaya,’ which describes the Hiraya SMS-SC’s pleasure of serving the student body.” Hiraya Executive Secretary Aliza Belle C. Dayao shared.

The Hiraya SMS SC believes that every task has its own set of challenges, and their upcoming e-sports tournament is no different. After much deliberation, the beginning of the term seemed to be the best time for the tournament to take place. The original event schedule was moved from January to early June due to unforeseen changes in the academic calendar.

Eyeing the event’s success, the student leaders look forward to having more projects like this moving forward as a way to give back to the student body. “Liga-YA ng Hiraya: Valorant Tournament was initially intended to be a camaraderie building activity while providing a competitive yet fun-filled safe and comfortable environment for everyone who wishes to join and make them feel like a part of the family and barangay,” Dayao added.

The tournament’s champion and first runner-up will receive an in-game currency worth 1000 Valorant points (VP) and 790 VP, respectively, for every team member. Interested groups must have at least one Mapúan team member, with the registration fee worth PHP 50.00 for each Mapúan and PHP 75.00 for each non-Mapúan.

Registration is open until tomorrow, June 1, through the following links: for the low ELO (Iron, Bronze, Silver) and for the high ELO (Gold, Platinum, Diamond).

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