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Spades rule over Golden Eagles, 13-4 in UAC Season 2

Article by: Alexandra Isabelle G. Delavin and Lea Ysabel Q. Evangelista
Graphics by: Clark Vincent Constantino

Last March 6, the University’s Mapúa Gaming Society (MGS) Spades dominated over the University of San Agustin Golden Eagles in Valorant, 13-4, in the second day of the University Alliance Cup (UAC) Season 2 – streamed both on eSports program’s Facebook page and Twitch channel.
The Spades held no prisoners and proceeded with aggressive play, opening the match with a 4-1 score. They sustained the gap with a six-point advantage before the swap, then snagging four more rounds to one on the way to their first win of the season. Tyrone “Teeji” Gianan – who played Killjoy, a sentinel for the Spades – capped off the match with a shot to the back of the last living opponent. 

Gianan shared that the team members always kept their heads level while they played against the Golden Eagles. “Yung teamwork at communication namin [was] on-point that day,” he stated about what pushed them towards the victory line against the University of San Agustin.  When asked about their strategy and gameplay for the Alliance Cup, the team attacker shared that his team’s secret was having the right mentality. 

The team’s journey in AcadArena started last year as they entered different categories and leagues on the platform. Gianan explained that although he was not there from the start, he saw the drive of his teammates in competing. This, in turn, fueled his desire to play competitively as well. 

In December last year, MGS became one of the universities that gained 3-stars and was part of the newly accredited AcadArena Program member student organizations.

As the next tournament draws near, Gianan calls out to his fellow Mapúans to witness their next play and experience the intensity and excitement with the Spades as they fight for their place at the top.

You can expect us to try our best to win for Mapúa and expect niyo din na mga highlight plays and strong performances from each of our players,” he remarked. 

The MGS Spades are set to battle once again in the next round of the Alliance Cup, with the date to be announced on AcadArena's official Facebook page.
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