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MIT passes diamond mark

March 2000

The New Builder

The arrival of the new millennium left an important mark on MIT’s history as the institute commemorated its 75th founding anniversary last January 17-22.

With the theme “At the forefront of academic excellence in science and technology to face the challenges of the new millennium,” the week-long festivity was capped by exhibits, sports competitions, technical sessions, music festivals and other events like the annual search for the Mr. and Ms. Cardinal.


It all started with a dream

September 2001

The New Builder

The roots of The Builder traces back to the 21st of September 1929 when a group of Engineering and Architecture students housed in a rented building in Carriedo St. Quiapo founded The Builder as an English-oriented organization composed of the class of 1933. The Builder, with its name and vision, stood as an embodiment of the role of engineers and architects in nation-building. 

The Builder has evolved through three eras in Philippine and campus journalism. For 75 years it has been alongside Mapúa in establishing the Alma Mater’s mission and vision. 


President Oscar B. Mapua: The Fulfillment of MIT Philosophy

February 1993

Dennis Liwanes, The New Builder

WHEN DON Tomas passed away in December 1965, Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) found itself in its most lackluster form. The transitory years from the MIT founder’s presidency to the inauguration of Pres. Oscar Mapua in January 1967 was in every way encountering rough sailing. Transformation to a modern technological school and smoothing out of new and fresh policies dragged itself on a turtle pace.


NCAA Back-to-Back Champions


Ching R. Rempillo, The New Builder

FINALLY, AFTER two weeks of heart-wrenching scenes, San Beda, the more favored team that ran the socks off of nearly everyone, got run out of the ULTRA arena on Wednesday by the more determined, gutsier, faster and yes, even better-conditioned King Cardinals of Mapua, a team that did everything the Red Lions did, but only better.


Don Tomas in New Stamp

July 1989

The Builder

The Philippine Postal Service (PPS) issued last May 18 five new definitive stamps marking the Birth Centennary of Great Filipinos to coincide with the celebration of the Decade of Filipino Nationalism 1989-1998. The move of the PPS is pursuant to Proclamation No. 269, dated June 10, 1988. The new stamps include among others Don Tomas B. Mapua, the Philippines’ first architect and the founder of the Mapua Institute of Technology.


Mapuan is First Filipino Photogrammetric Engineer

August 1959 Issue

The Builder

Rene V. Certeza was conferred with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Photogrammetric Engineering from the International Training Center for Aerial Survey in Left, Netherlands. A former CE student of the Institute, he became the first Filipino to obtain the degree from the annual international course.


MIT's First Lady Engineer

February-March 1949 Issue

The Builder

Serving as an inspiration to others of her sex, the former Miss Natividad Vera, was considered the “bravest” of the so called weaker sex at the time when she enrolled in the department of Civil Engineering of the Mapúa Institute of Technology. It may not be amiss to state here, nevertheless, that an older brother, Enrique R. Vera, had served as her own inspiration to pursue the course, since brother “Iquing” had previously enrolled in the same course and was “doing fine” when she entered the portals of the Institute.

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