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heretical love

By: luna

Graphics by: Alaisa C. Magueriano

Photo by: Angelica Stacy D. de Guzman

in theory, love can mean a lot of things —

one of which defined it as an emotion that comes from a strong feeling of affection towards another;

complicatedly, it comes in all forms 

but nowhere does it suggest that love is limited.

across the field is where I once saw you,

finding calm in the soft breeze as your heart speaks of love for someone you thought you shouldn't have because society uttered the word no

for a moment, you had soaked in the sunlight, 

yet you knew that the calm has always co-existed with a storm;  

it was easier to give in to the pressure desperately instilled upon us to remain on the greener side 

hence, the thought of going against it was less pursued.

for years, you have kept it within you,

scared of being shunned from a place you once thought was a safe haven.

you, however, stood your ground; 

it was better to be free from the shackles of dictation and love freely 

than to chain yourself with those who turn against your happiness. 

to love is to accept, or so they say; 

I have witnessed your love pass through the seasons of life —

from summer to winter, it has always been filled with commitment 

they tried to taint it with fear but failed miserably to separate love and freedom. 

indeed, there is nothing that can ever destroy you, 

knowing that you have only lived and loved. 

as the storm went on,

it left a mark; 

a sign of strength that never wavered -

from tolerating condemning stares to silenced cries,

you finally settle into the sea,

finding the sense of independence that you rightfully deserved. 

it was beautiful yet painful; 

to paint it as resilience is an understatement

no words can ever amount to the strength it took in you to be where you are now. 

akin to the leaves that sway as the wind blows,

you have bent but never broke 

though they defined you by your struggles,

you proved to be more.

you have grown at your pace, brushing aside the force to confine you in their rooted convention

as you know now, you have every right to love in a world that tells you otherwise. 

amidst the chaos,

you took the leap 

so I ask of you never to bow to society; 

may you choose yourself,

as much as you choose to love.

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