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By: The Millwright

Graphics by: Sean Carlo O. Samonte

Photo by: Kaizer Zeth R. Cabrera

In memory, you're a flower.

I am but a humble honeybee.

I carry your pollen

wherever the wind takes me.

Your petals offer respite.

In your embrace, in your kiss,

I can’t help but allow you

to burden me

with memories to carry.

I fly in a daze with your essence.

I count on your sweet nectar

to sustain me in flight

in the journey to defy death

and time, to immortalize you

in all your grace and beauty.

Beloved, I will scatter you.

I will make sure you live on.

One way or another,

you will become a field.

You will be loved beyond me.

And if the harshness

of the world ever dares 

to forget you or hurt me,

I promise to honor you

and your memory

in the bloom of remembrance.

Exude your fragrance

in kindness, in forgiveness.

I will be kind. I will be forgiving.

I promise: I will never sting.

     For it will be the erasure of you—

     and that will be the death of me.

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