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How do you know if a spectrum of shades is as curious as a monotonous spectrum of a single color?

By: v

Graphics by: Alaisa C. Magueriano

Photo by: Aliza Belle C. Dayao

Green is a color. It is an invention of the human brain to make sense of the light that hits the human eye. It is a derivative of the pigments blue and yellow created to simply mimic the appearance of the great outdoors. It is nothing more than a color used by and for human convention.

Olive is abundance. It is a tree whose fruit and oil satiate and ease. Its healing prowess remains relevant amidst breakthroughs in medicinal science. Humans discovered the olive a hundred thousand years ago, yet to this day we still utilize the oil of olives for its many applications.

Seafoam relieves. In a life full of reds and blues, who doesn’t need escape routes? Grannies always tell youngsters to look at plants when their eyes tire. Believe it or not, it doesn't get much different as one grows in years. Sometimes, what one needs is to focus on something easy on oneself, even just for a short while. Then you’re good to go, brave life again after clearing the snow.

Chartreuse envies. Everyone goes through rough times when they can’t control their emotions or ugly thoughts. And it’s fine. It is acceptable and valid to feel insecure about the trajectory of one’s life and be compared with that of others. However ugly it may be, the ugliness is sometimes just the drive that needs to strive for the better.

Emerald is luxury. Not everything that sparkles is a diamond, but everything that sparkles is a want. To be bedecked with fancy ornaments is a human desire no one escapes. Be it that ornaments mean material things, positive emotions, a stable career, or even another person. Humans desire, not necessarily out of greed, but to fill an empty spot in their being.

Olive is bitter. That little lump on the back of one’s throat is a pain to clench, but clench you must, sometimes. The lingering aftertaste of loss often burns in a loser’s heart. Resentment is normal and sometimes even necessary to move forward. There is always a lesson learned from every failure.

Sage is rebirth. It’s okay to tumble as the journey gets rough. It’s okay to fall if you tripped on a random log. It never has and never will be a completely smooth ride, so hold on tight and brace for impact. You don’t truly lose, not yet, if you can still get back up on two feet.

Green understands – it’s not ‘just’ a color. The spectrum of its shades is as various as one’s experiences in life, almost as if there exists a shade of green for every little tingle felt in one’s heart. One hungers. One gets sick. One tires. One gets envious. One desires. One gets disappointed. One hopes. One succeeds.

They say green is the color of life. Perhaps they are true.

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