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Our First and Last Kiss

By: Dai Anne Pajutrao

Graphics by: Cassius Klai C. Francisco

Photo by: Angelica Stacy D. de Guzman

I had mixed feelings after the deed,

Everything was fine before it happened.

From a simple conversation to an unpredicted kiss,

we were too shocked that it couldn’t be hidden.

When our lips met,

it made my heart skip a beat.

When I looked into his eyes and saw no regrets,

it made our friendship turn sweet.

Within that kiss, there was a spark that words themselves can’t explain.

Unexpected, warm, and passionate,

those feelings are commonly used as cliché.

Everything moves quickly, not by words but by actions.

When his lips left mine,

making me feel the cold that I hadn’t felt before.

We both smiled like it was fine,

but deep down, it was nothing more.

A year has passed, and we haven’t spoken since then,

about our first and last kiss together.

Not even a single message has been sent,

it was probably for the better.

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