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I’m Neither Blue nor Violet; I am Indigo

By: Arc Romero

Graphics by: Ma. Alyssa Therese S. Manalang

Photo by: Jemuel N. Reyes

In the tranquility of twilight, I emerge, a whispered presence between day and night. I'm neither blue nor violet; I am indigo—a hue that dances on the edge of perception, elusive yet undeniable.

I am more than just a color; I am a state of being. In the stillness of the night, I am the gentle embrace of tranquility, wrapping around you like a comforting hug of serenity.

As the stars twinkle in my velvety indigo sky, I bring a sense of connection to something greater than myself. It’s as if I'm whispering secrets to you, revealing the mysteries of the quiet night.

I am the calm that washes over the world as the day fades into darkness, a time for reflection and renewal of mind. In the indigo hour, time seems to slow, and the chaos of the world fades into the background of this quiet world. It’s a moment of pure peace where you can breathe deeply and let go of the worries that weigh heavy on your mind.

I’m neither blue nor violet; I am indigo—a color of serenity, of peace, of quiet contemplation. In the embrace of this tranquil hue, may you find the strength to face whatever challenges come your way, knowing that you are surrounded by my beauty and wonder in this indigo world.

I'm neither blue nor violet; I am indigo and have my own purpose to play in this world. To be the calmness in the midst of chaos, to be the serenity that symbolizes the beauty of the night in this world.

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