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By: Hoshi

Graphics by: Ma. Alyssa Therese S. Manalang

Photo by: Ma. Chinie M. Sta. Juana

I had a thought once.

It was pure, with no hint of malice.

Branded as a dunce 

but called as beautiful as the Aurora Borealis.

It was a fleeting thought,

so to dive deep was not a must.

Yet, as time passed by,

 A dive into these thoughts became just.

Consumed by feeling,

I drowned, never-ending.

Fought as I fell into the abyss,

Yet yearned for the feeling of bliss.

Succumbed to the thoughts,

I let myself be caught.

Alas, it was all clear,

the voices that whispered in my head.

I took a deep breath as I reached the shore.

The sun that touched my skin made me sure.

 Now the problems I had were gone,

and the tranquility felt was beyond.

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