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By: 314writes

Graphics by: Ma. Alyssa Therese S. Manalang

Photo by: Angelica Stacy D. de Guzman

I missed you today;

like the moon didn’t appear,

like I forgot what the time was,

as I didn’t get to feel your presence.

In normal days, I would be saddened,

I would feel bad and troubled,

for there would be something in my chest;

unsure what, but probably something heavy,

something unusual.

Although it’s different with you,

as I don’t feel sad and blue,

just hues of I miss you;

hues that remind me of you—how you were to me.

Is it just because of the pheromones?

Or are you starting to fill my bones?

Either way, I’d let you—

I’d let you conquer me however you want.

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