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Janna Lucea: Venturing on Progress

Article by: Crismhil S. Anselmo and Frances Qarl M. Tolosa

Graphics by: Andreah Faye G. Lapinid and Crismhil S. Anselmo

Constituting the highest student council of the university, the Central Student Council (CSC) represents the entire Mapúan student body. As the amplifier of the voices of the red and golden community, the CSC strives to ensure that their advocacies strengthen the university and its students, inclusivity regardless of programs, and highlight the potential of the Mapúan populace.

In the last installment of features of the heads of this academic year’s University Student Government (USG), The New Builder dives deep into the plans and journey of the current CSC President, Janna Fel Mari A. Lucea, a Business Administration student from the E.T. Yuchengco School of Business (ETYSB).

Capitalizing the Assets

Prior to assuming office as the CSC head, Lucea has taken on many roles within the ETYSB and other organizations. She has served as the Marketing Coordinator and President of the Chief Entrepreneurs’ Organization, Public Relations Officer of the ETYSB Student Council, and Auditor of the Mapúa Tekno Teatro.

Despite working as a member of the Research Committee in the previous tenure of the CSC, Lucea shared that filling in the shoes of its head was challenging. “…sobrang laking jump kasi I was just a cabinet member of a local council sa ETYSB,” Lucea shared.

Banking on the assets that she has accumulated over the years, the CSC President shared that her previous leadership experiences have taught her how to address issues, which she similarly applied to her newfound position.

…when I was the [ETYSB-SC PRO], very ambitious na ako n’on e. Nakikinig na ako sa problems ng students… ng faculty namin, and then pinag-iisa ko sila. What can we do para maiwasan? So ‘yun ‘yung nagamit ko sa CSC – compromise.

When asked to describe herself during the Miting de Avance, Lucea maintains that she is meticulous and eager to learn, serve, and collaborate with a team. Her proactive dynamics allow her to formulate decisions quickly. Moreover, she affirmed that she is a leader who aims for a tenure of authenticity, integrity, honesty, and transparency.


Accounting for Change

Halfway through her tenure, Lucea reflected on what her leadership has accomplished thus far and the resiliency it has shown. Being bestowed with the most influential calling as a student leader came with hurdles, facing issues such as the shift to the trimestral system and calls for a laxer dress code. Lucea bounced back, knowing how to maximize the space she was given as the CSC head.

Taking inspiration from an interview with former Vice President Leni Robredo, she accepted that her position has limited reach but remained firm it would not be wasted. “The space we have been given is very limited…  So, the only thing that you can do is to maximize what you were given in order to meet those goals,” the CSC President shared.

When faced with adversities, Lucea instills the importance of tracing back to the reason why they are in the locus they are in. When asked how she deals with criticism, Lucea affirmed that she respects students who voice their opinions and reminds fellow officers not to take it personally but instead use it as motivation to do better.

You’ll face a lot of criticism, scrutinization, you’ll face a lot,” the CSC President reflected. “Always remember the purpose [for] why you’re here.

Balancing the USG Business

With this tenure reigned by women, Lucea was able to give a glimpse of the USG trifecta’s dynamic filled with both grace and elegance, “… since they’re women, they’re very compassionate. They’re very empathetic.” The CSC President denotes, commenting that their coalition is superb. She later elaborates that Council of Presidents Chairperson Sway Naomi N. Dalisay and Council of Organizations President Hannah Danielle E. Tan are trustworthy leaders to work alongside.

While a definite legacy is difficult to simplify, Lucea narrates that the hallmark of her presidency is how she addressed the gap between the administration and the student body. By giving the mic to the Mapúan community, she takes in stride in student engagement by allowing students to connect and face the issues with them herself.

For the upcoming officers, Lucea reiterates the importance of representing the student body. “Sa mga susunod na tatakbo, may it be sa local, org, COP, COO, make sure you represent also the students […] walang masama makinig sa kanila.” she imparted, adding that the leadership arsenal must be equipped with both patience and inner strength.

Since being bestowed the highest position, Lucea continues to channel the spirit of accounting for change in the university. The student council is in synergy with the students, continuing to strive for the community and venturing into various solutions to problems that need to be accounted for.

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