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Sauntering 101: Taking the Time Off

Article by: Therese Anne B. Cruz and Alexandra Isabelle G. Delavin

Graphics by: Cristelle S. Corpuz

In 1979, people made jogging a part of their leisure and recreation, running through parks and sidewalks rather than taking the time to breathe in the beauty in front of them. A publicist named Wilmer T. Rabe caught a glimpse of this and thought of an idea to establish a day solely for stepping back, slowing down, and appreciating the little things in life. Hence, the World Sauntering Day was born – a holiday for people to take the time off and enjoy life with nature.

As Mapúans rush to finish the last term of this academic year, they might forget to take a break and calm down. To stroll in the park is not an ideal option due to the limitations brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, and so to plan for this holiday, here are some alternative relaxing activities that Cardinals can do in the comfort of their homes.

Volume Up

Music has been known to be good for the soul. In these trying times, it can help lighten up the mood, invoke positive feelings, or inspire one’s introspective thoughts. The following are song recommendations that one can listen to especially today.

For those who want to feel in love, some Original Pinoy Music or OPM can really tug the strings to the listener’s heart. Ben&Ben’s most-streamed song “Pagtingin" and December Avenue’s latest single “Drive” are some of the tracks that tell the tale of their hearts and minds. For those who want to reflect on their romantic decisions, Syd Hartha’s official debut single “Tila Tala" is an OPM about unrequited love, while Moonstar88’s Pinoy rock song “Migraine” offers a nostalgic touch.

If love songs are for the heart, fast beat songs are for the body. For those who love to keep their feet moving, dance to the beat of BTS’ “Dynamite”, Mnet Asian Music Award Song of the Year for 2020, and Red Velvet’s “Red Flavor”, Billboard’s Top 2 K-Pop Song of the 2010 era–and maybe even create a TikTok video out of it. Although some prefer to dance, others choose to sing. One can also cover hit songs, whether with an instrument or just by plain old vocalizing in the shower. Avicii’s guitar-driven power ballad “The Days” and Taylor Swift’s “Paper Rings” from the Lover album are also some of the catchy Western songs that one can jam to.

Press Play

Despite the fast-paced environment, Mapúans should still remember to press pause on academics and take the time to unwind–especially on World Sauntering Day. For now, a pause may mean pressing play on activities that may help one de-stress.

For those who want to feel nostalgic and prefer light narratives, animated films like the box office hit Monsters Inc. (2001), Pixar’s first computer-animated feature film Toy Story (1995), and critically acclaimed Inside Out (2015) offer a good plot and provide the viewers a sense of hope and joy. Rewatching films can provide comfort since viewers already know what would happen and thus prepares them for the emotions that the movie brings.

Meanwhile, Filipino movies such as the family-centered story of Seven Sundays (2017), Filipino cliché mix of comedy and drama in Four Sisters and a Wedding (2013), and highest grossing film of its time Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat (2008) encapsulate a mix of a good laugh and heartwarming themes. Watching these films with the family is also a wholesome way to celebrate World Sauntering Day.

Off the Screen

The restrictions of quarantine should not limit this day’s observance of sauntering. As it is still prohibited to go out for leisure, there are still various indoor activities left to try. Plus, this may also serve as an opportunity for Cardinals to rest their eyes; as being exposed to blue light, which are mostly found on smartphones, TV, and computers may impose health risks. For those who want to get creative, relaxing indoor activities, such as painting, writing poems or short stories, and journaling can help encourage one’s artistic side. Trying new hobbies like learning crochet, playing chess, or volunteering can also be considered.

For those who want to get physical, Zumba dancing, walking around the neighborhood (while wearing personal protective equipment), and meditating through yoga can release the body’s happy hormones that stimulate positive feelings. One can also use this holiday to clean their room, fix a broken home appliance, or declutter their closets.

The goal of World Sauntering Day is to take it slow, remind people to live in the present, and to take the time off every once in a while. In this celebration, Mapúans are encouraged to spoil themselves, even in their own little ways.

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