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Sway Dalisay: Catalyst of Change

Article by: Frances Qarl M. Tolosa and Ysa Andre A. Mendoza

Graphics by: Andreah Faye G. Lapinid and Crismhil S. Anselmo

In pursuit of representation for the student body, the University Student Government (USG) is the amplifier of the Mapúan community. With its factions spearheaded by women, the Council of Presidents (COP) is no exception. It is the premier association of local council presidents, comprising each school’s highest leaders.

This year’s COP Chairperson is Sway Naomi N. Dalisay, a Biological Engineering major hailing from the School of Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering (CBMES). Passionate and determined, she is also the head of the CBMES Student Council. In an interview with The New Builder, Dalisay shared her insights as a student leader and her plans for her tenure.

Gauging Leadership

During the Miting de Avance (MDA), Dalisay’s platforms seek to promote the wellness of students through equality. She also values transparency, hoping to build trust and faith within the student community when it comes to the COP. Albeit the challenges that come with the role, Dalisay is steadfast in her authenticity and commitment to be of service to the community. Amidst the hurdles, the CBMES student is optimistic that these leadership qualities will propel everything to the right place.

As the current chairperson of the COP, Dalisay shared that her position has allowed her to courageously step out of her comfort zone and extend her leadership outside the local council. “Looking ahead, I am genuinely excited about the prospect of engaging with and learning from my fellow team members,” she remarked.

Symbiosis Orchestration

As the head of both the COP and CBMES Student Council, Dalisay is at the forefront of two challenging roles. During the MDA, she shared platforms and programs she wished to accomplish in her tenure and the driving force behind them.

With a lifelong commitment to giving back and making a difference in the lives of others, she hopes that platforms like Compassion in Action will not only directly foster kindness through its goals, but also encourage other leaders to reach out as well. From the MDA, Dalisay’s advocacy for accountability within the council has been held firmly. Moreover, the Chairperson has reiterated the importance of a mutualistic connection between the students and the council members themselves, stating, “Together, I believe we can strike a balance between productivity and camaraderie, creating a positive and fulfilling work atmosphere.”

In line with her platform Mentor Match, which aims to empower future leaders, the CBMES Student Council led an initiative to celebrate gender inclusivity in leadership last April. Entitled “AMAKABOGERA: CBMES’ All-in Celebration of Gender Inclusivity and Blazing Empowerment,” the seminar featured prominent student leaders who shared their experiences in championing gender equality and empowerment. Now halfway through her tenure, Dalisay continues to work with her council members to see that things run smoothly and other planned projects come to fruition.

The COP Chairperson firmly believes in embracing collaboration and inclusion when it comes to leadership, stating that she is grateful for the opportunity to work with fellow student leaders, both within the COP and the other branches of the USG: the Central Student Council (CSC) and the Council of Organizations (COO). “Each unique perspective contributes to the richness of our collective knowledge,” Dalisay shared.

Biome of Womanhood

Dalisay shared that she has found a symbiotic co-leadership and sisterhood in CSC President Janna Fel Mari A. Lucea and COO President Hannah Danielle E. Tan. Their bond is a source of empowerment and a means to serve Mapúans while individually flourishing collectively. “In a world where stereotypes persist about the capabilities of women, having these inspiring leaders by my side strengthens my confidence,” Dalisay remarked.

The COP Chairperson admitted that the role has brought undeniable exhilaration and fear from the knowledge that she won’t be able to please everyone, nor will every situation come her way. Despite all this, Dalisay hopes the current tenure’s legacy will be defined by genuine humility, gratitude, and dedication to making a positive impact.

For her parting message, she encouraged the Mapúan community to embrace modesty and for individuals to unite on collective endeavors. Dalisay also assured her constituents of her commitment to hear and uphold the value of their voices. “I promise to work tirelessly to make sure every student is not only heard but also seen and cared for. Together with my team, we will prioritize your concerns and aspirations, striving to create an inclusive and supportive community where everyone feels valued.”

To spearhead the dedicated council comprised of each school’s highest leaders is a weight to carry on its own. Still, with Dalisay’s promise to lead with a humble heart and collaborative prowess, the Council of Presidents is bound for greater evolutions – one that would hopefully lead to sustainable homeostasis within the council.

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