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The Gift of Giving: Gift Ideas for Christmas 2021

Article by: Crismhil S. Anselmo, Darren Christian C. Brown, and Alyanna Ysabelle A. Faustino

Graphics by: Cristelle S. Corpuz

It is the most wonderful time of the year again. Since Christmas is sitting just right around the corner, it can be challenging to list down the gifts to buy for our loved ones. As we embrace the season of giving, The New Builder shares some gift ideas that are fit for any person, budget, and occasion.

For the Diligent Student

Despite the online setting, one can never have enough stationery. Whether one looks to give a gift to a grade school, high school, or college student, school supplies will never go out of style. One may opt to buy a set of highlighters, colored pens, a binder, or a yearly planner for the diligent student. Regardless of what one chooses to get, these items will surely be useful to the recipient.

Aside from the staple National Bookstore finds, there are various shops online where one can purchase stationery products and art materials suited for all types of students. For some ecofriendly steals, there are aesthetic items that can be bought in Papemelroti through their Shopee store. On the other hand, Project Workshop—located in Quezon City—offers these products via their website and can do same-day delivery within Metro Manila. Meanwhile, one can easily reach Joli’s General Merchandise and Arternative Art Supply for online transactions through their respective Facebook pages and Shopee stores.

For the Practical Adult

When picking out a gift for an adult, practicality is key. Gifts that one could use in their everyday lives are appreciated the most. Hence, items that do not tend to lose their flair even after the holidays rank high in this category.

Aside from the (rather iconic) tumblers, one may also opt to buy socks, hangers, reusable food containers, kitchenware, or hand tools, among others. There are various affordable and practical everyday items on Shopee and Lazada that one can purchase. If one so prefers, there are also “pasa-buy” alternatives for kitchen essentials, such as those found in the stores at Quiapo. Additionally, renowned names like Ace Hardware and Wilcon Depot offer nationwide deliveries for tools and home essentials, while mall department stores do the same for general items.

For the Health Conscious

With the ongoing health crisis, one thing is for certain – people have realized the importance of health and to care for it more, making it a top priority no matter what. From taking lots of nutritional supplements every day to bringing a hygiene kit wherever they go, they would surely be touched by the thought of receiving such essentials from their loved ones. It is a sweet reminder that they are loved, and they are cared for.

Other gift ideas for the health-conscious are a water bottle, sportswear, home workout equipment, and herbal products. These can be purchased with just a click at your favorite health and fitness store or department store’s online platform.

For the Music Lover

Embracing the melody, beat, and lyric of every song they listen to, music lovers certainly need a good pair of earphones or headphones as well as a portable speaker to stream the songs in their playlists. Famous brands for these items include JBL, Bose, and Beats.

To remember their favorite artists and bands, they may like music albums or official merchandise. A CD player can come in handy to listen to those albums as well. These can be purchased from famous e-commerce platforms or trusted online shops on social media sites.

For the Spirited Gamer

For gamers, their day is not complete without queueing up a match or two of their favorite game. There are a few things that can be given to friends to help them achieve their dream rank.

Communication is key to a good game and getting reliable audio cues can make a difference between losing or clutching a round. A trusty headset from a local tech store can be used day in and day out. Other gaming gear, such as a mouse and keyboard, can be given as gifts too. While most shops have them, Datablitz offers the most choices.

For an easy all-around gamer gift, in-game credits are the way to go. These credits can be used to buy in-game skins and items that one cannot get during normal gameplay. For discounted prices, check out Codashop or Razer gold.

For the Fashion Icon

With the world as their runway, the holiday season is the best time to put one’s most fashionable foot forward. From timeless luxury classics to minimalist pieces from high-street brands, the possibilities are endless. Ranging from good deals at Shopee and Lazada to famous brands, such as Uniqlo, H&M, Gucci, and Chanel, the choice is in the buyer’s hands.

Fear not, spending big is not a prerequisite in this category. One can easily find unique gems at mall department stores or even at one’s local thrift shop. Whether it is a pocket-size luxury or a thoughtful token, the best gift to go along with a fashionable piece is a keen eye for great style.

For the Little Ones

Kids are a special bunch. They love anything they put their hands on. Most of the time, a toy is the go-to present for them, but a good shirt, a pair of jeans, or pajamas can also be a great gift idea. The department store is a good place to look them. Other stores like Gap Kids, Carter’s, and Osh Kosh B Gosh can have excellent options too.

Giving a book is another way to help them gain a wider vocabulary or find something that interests them. It is as easy as going to the nearest National Bookstore or Fully Booked and browsing through their extensive collection of books. Just make sure that the book is appropriate for their age and is an interesting story or topic.

For Life’s Greatest Blessings

What does one give to the people that gave them their everything? A tall order it may be, it is time to pull out all the stops for these extra special people. Whether it be sentimental, transient, or practical, a parent’s love almost always translates into gifts from their children. Hence, a gift this season is a thank you for all the years of love, care, and understanding.

Without a doubt, home decorations, appliances, and furniture are at the top of the list for best gifts. With home havens like Crate&Barrel, Mark and Spencer Home, and the recently opened IKEA Philippines, the diversity of options is all within easy reach. The holiday rush may also mark a wardrobe upgrade. This can mean a shop-till-you-drop spree at Rustan’s Department Store. For a more sentimental route, scrapbooks and family portraits also work like a charm.

Before the Christmas sale ends, make sure to check out the items that they will surely love. However, in the spirit of Christmas, it is important to remember that there are gifts beyond material items – joy, camaraderie, and kindness – that should always be the core of the holiday season. As we uphold the tradition of the season of giving, keep in mind that whatever gift you buy or hand over, do it with compassion and love.

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