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MU opens new school year with annual FroSHS Week

Article by: Abigail Samantha R. Basas and Frances Qarl M. Tolosa

Welcoming the the academic year 2023-2024, Mapúa University (MU) spearheaded the FroSHS Week 2023 with the theme, “We are Mapúans, Built for the World,” at the Intramuros and Makati campuses last August 14 to 19. The week-long celebration featured booths from various academic and non-academic organizations, student council and departmental orientation, open mics, Wish 107.5 Bus Roadshow, pep rally, and concert.

Photo by: Ma. Chinie M. Sta. Juana

Laying the Foundation

Last August 14, the FroSHS week featured orientations that focused on getting to know two of Mapúa’s programs such as the Ubiquitous Online Experience and the Bachelor of Science and Master's Degree Program, as well as the introduction to the University’s school services, held online via Zoom. The next day, August 15, formally commenced the start of the celebration, wherein the opening ceremony and general assembly were held at the Intramuros Campus Gymnasium.

Newly appointed MU President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. Dodjie S. Maestrecampo delivered his opening remarks to the Mapúan community to welcome the new Mapúans and share the University’s new vision statement, “Today, we are not just welcoming you to a new place in your academic life, but also to a vision much larger than any individual. A vision that ties every single one of us together, our new vision for Mapúa University and its role in the world.”

To further elaborate on the University’s goals, Dr. Maestrecampo adds that, “...Our new vision statement at Mapúa University, a global leader in education, fosters sustainable socioeconomic growth of society through innovation, digital transformation, and lifelong education, encapsulates our promise to the world and our commitment to each other, to each and every one of you.”

The following days, August 16 and 17, departmental orientations were held to discuss about the departments, offered programs, and respective faculties. Student leaders also conducted a briefing regarding the student council’s purpose, responsibilities, and benefits.

Developing Roots

Meanwhile, at the Makati campus, the country’s notorious FM radio-on-wheels Wish 107.5 Bus made its debut to the Mapúans with hip-hop artist MC Einstein and the Davao-based band MidSummer as the performers last August 16. The Roadshow was organized by MU’s School of Media Studies (SMS), Mapúa Film Art and Media Enthusiasts, and TV Mapúa. The Wish Bus extended its trip with the P-pop group VXON and Pinoy rappers K-Leb and O.G. Sacred who continued to serenade the Cardinals at the Intramuros campus last August 17. An open mic beside the booths was also present during the week, giving the students an opportunity to share their talents and promote their respective organizations.

Giving a glimpse of each department are the scheduled booths from different programs all throughout the week. Kicking it off during the first day at the Intramuros campus were the Mathematical Society of Mapúa, Physics Society of Mapúa, Honor Society of Mapúa, Every Nation Campus – Mapúa, Mapúa Gaming Society, Usbong Kalikasan, Kristyanong Kabataan Para sa Bayan (KKB) Mapúa, and the Guidance Society of Mapúa (GSM) – Intramuros.

The first day at the Makati campus was filled with organizations from the Senior High School (SHS) Department such as the English and Science Club, along with the Samahan ng Filipino (SNF) who hosted the eventful week in the campus. The SMS was embodied by Offtrack, TV Mapúa, Film Arts and Media Enthusiasts, and .MOVE. The Mapúa Makati Music Association and IMAP from the School of Information Technology (SOIT) also introduced themselves during the second day.

Booths from the organizations of Schools of Civil, Environmental, and Geological Engineering (CEGE), and Architecture, Industrial Design, and the Build Environment (ARIDBE) graced the formal start of the academic year last August 16. The MU Mountaineering Club, American Concrete Institute Philippines – Mapúa Student Chapter (MSC), CEGE Thinkers, Philippine Institute of Civil Engineers – MUSC, Association of Geologists and Geological Engineers of Mapúa, Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies-Transportation Science Society of the Philippines – MSC, Association of Safety Practitioners of the Philippines Inc. – MSC, and the Philippine Society of Sanitary Engineers – MSC were among those who participated for CEGE, alongside the Mapúa Interior Design Coterie from ARIDBE.

On the third day, the School of Mechanical, Manufacturing, and Energy Engineering (MMEE) showcased booths from Pambansang Samahan ng Ininhyero Mekanikal – Mapúa Student Unit and the Advanced Robotics, Instrumentation, and Systems Engineering Mapúa, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers – MU Student Branch, and the MU Collegiate Chapter of the Society of Automotive Engineers. Along with the MMEE department was the School of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering represented by the following organizations: Junior Philippine Computer Society – Mapúa, Institute of Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering – MU Student Branch, Mapúa Institute of Computer Engineers of the Philippines, and the Institute of Electronics Engineers of the Philippines – MUSC.

Wrapping up in Makati last August 17, the Enrique.T. Yuchengco School of Business was highlighted with the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – MU, Mapúa Junior Marketing Association, and Chief Entrepreneurs’ Organization. SOIT was also present with the Mapúa Tabletop Gamers and the Mapúa Game Consensus. D2 Design Deconstruct from SMS and Mapúa Psychological Society from the School of Health Sciences were there along with the GSM – Makati. Mapúa Radio Cardinal and NEXUS also had their booths in Makati.

SHS organizations such as SNF, Mapúa GAS Society, Mapúa – Sports Club, Mapúa SHS ICT Club, and the STEM Society also put up stalls on the fourth day. The fifth and last day were filled with booths from the School of Chemical, Biological, and Materials Engineering and the School of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management. The participating organizations are as follows: Chemistry Society of Mapúa, Association of Biological Engineers of Mapúa, Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers – MUSC, Operations Research Society of the Philippines – MSC, Production and Operations Management Association of the Philippines, and the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Institutional organizations The New Builder, Mapúa Radio Cardinal, Mapúa Cardinal Singers, and student dance group NEXUS had dedicated booths for the entirety of the event in Intramuros.

Settling In

Igniting the Mapúan spirit at the Intramuros Campus Gymnasium, the University’s athletic teams, such as the Mapúa Cardinals, Mapúa Lady Cardinals, Mapúa Men’s Volleyball Team, Mapúa Drumcorps, Mapúa Cheerping Cardinals, Mapúa Tankers, Mapúa Kickers, Mapúa Tracksters, Mapúa Booters, Mapúa Woodpushers, Mapúa Badminton Team, and Mapúa Table Tennis Team showcased their talents outside their respective courts last August 18 at the Pep Rally.

Not long after, the sought-after concert followed as indie-rock artist Zild took the stage as the first performer of the night. Student dance groups XDC, NEXUS, and Cardinales Folklorico De Mapúa showed off their dancing prowess in their performances. Moreover, the Mapúa Cardinal Singers and student bands AVI and Solace Out the Door went on to serenade the Mapúans as the final set of student performers. Alternative rock band Orange & Lemons capped the night off with performances of their classic hit songs.

As the new flock of Cardinals began to settle into their new home, MU President and CEO Dr. Maestrecampo imparted a message to the new members of the Mapúan community, “To the newest members of the Mapúa Family, welcome. You are now part of a legacy of innovation, leadership, and transformation. Together, let us shape not just our futures, but the future of our society, our nation, and our world.”

The annual FroSHS Week is an event wherein new Mapúans are inducted and introduced into the Cardinal life, preparing the freshmen to be built for the world.

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