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MU to use MPASS for 2021-2022 admissions

Article by: Kristin Clarisse H. Mateo and Alexandra Isabelle G. Delavin

Graphics by: Albert Dylan D. David

First conducted in September 2020 in consideration of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mapúa University will administer the Mapúa Program Placement Assessment (MPASS) instead of the Mapúa Scholastic Aptitude Exam (MSAE) for admissions for Academic Year 2021-2022.

MPASS is aimed to identify the suitable program for college applicants or academic strand for senior high school applicants based on assessment results.

Career and Information Officer Ms. Karen Vivien A. Conducto from the Mapúa Admissions Office shared the process on how the assessment was prepared. “The program profiles were determined by Deans of the Schools and the Admissions Office consolidated and summarized the data. A report was then made for notation by the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs and approval of the President,” she said.

To take the MPASS, applicants must fill out the online application form and use the login credentials to access the MPASS Applicant Portal. A Php 300.00 MPASS fee must be paid to proceed with the application. The MPASS, composed of the Verbal and Numerical subsets, can then be answered through Cardinal Edge for 90 and 60 minutes, respectively. Once done, applicants can proceed to the Applicant Portal to see their assessment scores and matching program profiles.

Conducto clarified that there is no passing mark to be attained in the assessment.

Compared to the MSAE which was scheduled to be taken at the assigned rooms in the University, the applicants can take the MPASS online at their own time within the application period.

“The Admissions Office ensures that our student-applicants are continuously provided with quality service despite these trying times,” the Career and Information Officer imparted.

Applicants must pay a non-refundable and non-transferable Php 5,000.00 reservation fee to confirm their slot for enrollment. During their assigned enrollment schedule, they can enroll in programs that match their program profiles. In case the MPASS results do not show their preferred program, they may contact the Admissions Office to know how to be reconsidered.

“We continue to care for the safety and convenience of our stakeholders and will constantly adjust to be able to reach out to as many individuals as possible,” she added.

The Admissions Office will be posting an announcement regarding the deadline for the applications. For now, aspiring Mapúans can still send their applications as the online enrollment for incoming Grade 11 students and freshmen will start on May 3, 2021.

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