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By: Moon

Graphics by: John Aaron U. Marasigan

Photo by: Mary Lesley A. Beriña

A new beginning

Feels like awakening.

Blue and clear skies were mixed feelings.

But it did not happen during spring.

Memories suddenly appear.

In the midst of the crowd, I was there.

Loud noises, cheers, and whistles

Then I saw a sign that made me wonder: “IXIU”

Now, I found myself alone, standing.

It was dark yet calming.

Winter came quietly

And it was a bit unexpected.

Eyes are everywhere.

I am scared.

The walls are too high to climb.

But I wanna be there for her.

Should I take the risk?

Will I be bold enough?

No, fear wins.

I keep myself here, standing.

Am I shivering?

Yes, by her presence,

Still, I feel heartwarming.

Now the snow is falling.

Everyone’s outside due to snowball fighting.

Here I am inside, admiring her existence.

Winter became my solace.

As I keep my own pace,

Snow continues to make my heart race.

As reality hits me, it’s not “IXIU.”

“I see you.”

I wanna see through your eyes

Because I see how great you are.

I see you in every way you do.

I may not have the courage, but I see in you.

I may be far, but I see in you.

I may just be somebody, but I see you.

Winter continues to be my escape space.

Snow makes me feel light by simply existing.

Admiring her makes everything around me stay still

And watching her is such a beautiful scene.

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